Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fame is a Fickle Thing

There are people who are born to fame. Peope would have known about Abhishek Bachchan even if he had been as much of an actor as Kishen Kumar. Though Abhishek and the others might crib about the enormous pressures of living up to daddy's shoes, inherited fame is pretty cool. You have it made, all you got to do is try not to mess it up.

Raj Kapoor's three sons were all born to fame. Though only one of them ultimately remained famous, I suspect it is more to do with their names. If you call your favourite son Dabboo, the son will try his earnest best to make a Dabba out of his life. If you call another son Chimpoo, the idiot will try to be a chimpanzee all his life. But if you call him Chin-two, all he needs to fear is having a double chin. Which is all right, as that family seems to develop multiple chins even without the benefit of weird names.

And then there are those who achieve fame. Chief among this kind are the ones like Paris Hilton. You know, those who are famous simply for being famous. I actually went two years reading about Paris Hilton's escapades trying to figure out why she is so famous, till I learnt to my chagrin that her sole claim to fame is simply that she is famous!