Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hey Babie

No children for me, and certainly no need or biological urge to have any. People should have babies only when they want to, and are financially, mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to be responsible for another human being not for a day, not for a month, not for a year, but for the rest of their lives. It's a frightening thought, being responsible for someone else's life.

There may be some pros to having a kid, though I personally can't see any. "Emotional bonding" is the one most women bandy about. I'm done with emotional investment for my entire life, it's too low-percentage a game to play. I don't need to live a life where I'll have to think twice before going out or doing my own thing. I don't need a life where I'll have to think twice about what I'm watching because it might be unsuitable for the pint-sized human sitting next to me. I don't need a life where I have to bear the cross of being a role model to any one.

A good reason to have kids is when you're crazy about them, not because your insecure inner self tells you that you'll need company when you are 65 and don't want to be in an old-age home. Should I have kids because my long-suffering parents need to become grandparents? No. Should I have them because all people my age do? Nope. 

Should I have them because my biological clock is ticking away at double speed? Hell, no, that's like saying I never bought something from the supermarket and now they are on sale and will be out of stock soon.