Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Travelling Light

I travel alone, and I travel light, all the while warbling a sad little tune. No blue skies beckon in the horizon. I know but vaguely my own destination. I had set out bravely, with dreams in my eyes. Now I'm left wondering where the road does end.

My broken down car with my rundown tyres match my threadbare clothes. The tired stars are my only guide, and my silent shadow my only friend. But I know that I have to keep walking till I come to the seashore. I can rest only when my exhausted feet touch the wet sand. And I can be washed away with the dying jellyfish...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Search for Infinity

I tried to unravel the web that connects my thoughts, tried talking to my self. I tried to reach the innermost recesses of my conscious reality, tried to reach the native throne of every emotion and creativity. And of course, the throne has lost its one-time lustre. And I have been left bereft of all my moorings.

My consciousness starts to slowly dissolve in the vast unknown. The outside world ceases to intrude, and now there is nothing to fall back upon. The positive absence of nothingness. The presence of absence, the presence of non-presence...after all, all contradictions break down in the narrow vastness of infinity.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I Have Recovered my Eyesight

In the dark of the moonless night, I can see one more deliberate accident. All the smoke from the crowded pyres can barely shroud a murder most foul and imprudent.

As I look closer, I see the human sacrifice being bathed and made ready. With eerie chants, I watch the macabre procession going down the blood-red streets.

I join in intoning the demonic melody. My bloodshot eyes can see nothing peculiar in angels and devils perishing together.

After six sightless months, I have recovered my eyesight. I shall not sleep again.